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Training Techniques

Tai Chi is based on the principle of building blocks. These consist of physical movements and steps. Learning is done in slow motions. The patterns or forms are taught slowly as the brain can only absorb 5-7 instructions at any onetime. After which the brain becomes confused. Continuous practice is essential to attain the benefits of Tai Chi.



The routines are practiced repeatedly till one has learned them. Then the next building block of information is introduced. It takes many years to learn Tai Chi, to perfect, and co-ordinate the steps and most of all to memorise permanently.



Honesty, honour, humbleness, as well as physical strength and stamina are cultivated in the soft martial art.

I would rather maim than kill,
Hurt than maim,
Intimidate than hurt,
Avoid than intimidate.


Pushing Hands

Pushing hands or Tui Shou, is the step between Tai Chi slow steps or patterns and self defence training. Pushing hand is practiced with a partner. In the beginning a student cannot always relate to pushing hands. However, one cannot exclude pushing hands because without it your Tai Chi will be incomplete.

Pushing hands teaches one to relax, balance, and the correct postures, yielding your attacker and to keep the body in constant flow and as a whole. Practicing pushing hands is physical contact with a partner and therefore improves other senses in the body like touch,balance and awareness.