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43 Buffelspoort str, Brackendowns, Alberton



Mobile: +27 82 691 0540


                                                                   Craig Boden

Instructor Craig started his Martial Arts career in 1972 doing Judo. He practised Judo until 1983 and then joined the military. 

In 1986 he started Southern Lohan Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan. After about 2 years his Kung Fu instructor returned to Taiwan and he stopped training in Southern Lohan Kung Fu. During this time Craig trained in Long fist Kung Fu and White Crane.


In 1999 Craig once again found a Southern Lohan Kung Fu instructor and it is in this time that he found his new Tai Chi instructor as well. Since then Craig has carried on training in Kung Fu and Tai Chi. His passion however is Tai Chi Chuan.

In 2005 Craig took over the Institute of Tai Chi Chuan - Alberton from his Instructor Sifu A.K.Baynes who was appointed by Master Su. Chin Meil of Taiwan in 1989.


On the 9 October 2005 Craig completed his Certificate of International Coach – Taiwan through the International Tai Chi Chuan Federation.


Training Venue

  • The Institute of Tai Chi Chuan – Alberton
  • 43 Buffelspoort str.
  • Brackendowns
  • Alberton
  • 082-691-0540